Adult, Teen, & Child Psychiatrist and Psychologist Accepting New Patients.

Offices in Biddeford/Saco, Maine, Aventura, and Miami, Florida. Same-Week Evaluations. In-Person and Telehealth Book NowPatient Portal

Adult, Teen, & Child Psychiatrist and Psychologist Accepting New Patients.

Offices in Biddeford/Saco, Maine, Aventura, and Miami, Florida. Same-Week Evaluations. In-Person and Telehealth Book NowPatient Portal

Our Services

Weekly Individual Therapy

Same Week In-Person and Telehealth Availability

Therapy Intensives

Medication Management and/or Weekly Individual Therapy


Board-Certified Adult & Child Psychiatrist Accepting New Patients


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Our Mission


Peace Behavioral Health provides psychiatric and psychological services throughout Florida and Maine. We were founded on individualized evidence-based care.  In order to focus on quality over quantity, 90 minutes are set aside for our Psychiatric intake appointments and 30 minutes for follow ups. We offer experienced and specialized MD, DO, PhD, and LCSW trained Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Therapists.

We will do everything possible to help you feel comfortable and confident from day one. We achieve this through providing excellent direct communication, transparency, quality evidence-based care and a constant dedication to helping our patients live their best lives.

We will work with you to provide information to help you determine whether psychiatric medication, therapy, or both is right for you.  Many people spend years suffering before seeing a Psychiatrist or Psychologist, and we understand that looking for help can be a difficult step to take, though it is much more common than some may think! 


Adult, Teen, & Child Psychiatrist near me. In-Person and Telehealth
Telehealth available throughout Florida and Maine.
In-Person Services in Saco, Maine and Miami, FL.
Portland, Maine In-Person Services Coming Soon! 

Services Include:

  • Therapy and Medication for Depression
  • Therapy and Medication for ADHD
  • Therapy and Medication for Anxiety
  • Therapy and Medication for OCD
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Dual Board-Certified Adult & Child Psychiatrist
  • Psychiatric Medication
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • ADHD Evaluation
  • Therapy and Medication for Bipolar Disorder
  • Therapy and Medication for Schizophrenia
  • Therapy and Medication for Insomnia

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What Our Patients Say and Community Feedback


“Absolutely the most liberating experience i’ve ever had with a Psychiatrist , I felt heard, I felt seen, I have seen countless of Psychiatrists and I had never truly felt like someone was actually listening, analyzing and trying to ACTUALLY find a solution rather than just pick what was the easiest pick medication wise . Highly recommend 10/10”

- G.S.

“Dr. Sikaczowski was great! He takes time to understand my issues, which I really appreciate.  Super great vibe!”

- H. Chu

Dr. Shaw was the ideal therapist for me, as someone close to the mental health field! She delivered evidence-based care with integrity, and our work empowered me to reclaim parts of my life I didn’t think I could! The way we established clear goals and tracked my progress was very helpful, and she brought care and intention to every session. This was the kind of therapy I had been wanting for years!

“I would highly recommend peace behavioral health to anybody in the local Miami area. Dr. Valerstain has been such a good doctor to me. It is very apparent that he cares more than most. That is what every patient needs too! Patience, kindness, and an understanding doctor that doesn’t offer “blanket care” to us since everyone is a unique person. Thank you Dr. Valerstain! Dr. Nick!

- Brittney H.

“Dr Nicolas is an excellent professional, committed to his patients. He’s always there when you need him the most. His patience with teens is amazing and you can see good results with him. We tried with 3 other doctors before him and none came even close to Dr Nicolas.

- Imilseth A.

“Dr. Nic is the single best psychiatrist I‘ve ever had – and I‘ve had a lot lol. He‘s patient, understanding, kind, never judges, and always thinks of a solution or plan.

- Vicky R.